15 Minutes WordPress Landing Page Design Guideline

Want your online business to be successful? An effective landing page ought to do the trick, and WordPress can help you with that!

Of course, you will want to learn how to create an effective landing page first in order for your online business to thrive on the Internet world. Here are some guidelines and quick tips you can follow in order to create an effective landing page: Continue reading

10 Tips to Maximize Leads With Your WordPress Landing Page

Savvy business owners understand that closing a sale or a lead is never the end of a sales process. The most efficient sale practices generate more money after the initial sale than the sale itself. This is very true for online businesses as well; landing pages are only the first step to sales process. This presents a critical opportunity for you to squeeze out more money from your customers. There are many different ways to maximize your leads when conducting business online. If you are are using WordPress for your online business site then read this article where we will give share 10 tips to help you maximize your leads with your WordPress landing page. Continue reading

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Landing Page Using WordPress

WordPress has become a hot commodity in the blogging and marketing world because it is easy to use and you can pretty much do anything on your site using WordPress. With a plethora of designs and themes, WordPress is also great for building actual landing pages for your products and services. There are several mistakes to avoid when creating a landing page using WordPress and we will go over them in this article. Continue reading

Top 7 WordPress Landing Page Themes

If you are thinking of making a landing page in your WordPress site, chances are you will look for a good WordPress landing page theme. There are a few landing page themes out there. Below is a list of the best (in my opinion) WordPress landing page themes you can use for your WordPress site. Continue reading

10 Must Have Qualities For Your WordPress Landing Page

As an e-business owner, you should pay very careful attention to your website’s landing page and continuously make an effort to improve it. Your landing page is the first thing that your visitor sees after clicking on one of the search results which refers back to your website. Continue reading

Tips On How To Create Attractive Landing Page Using WordPress Which Will Minimize The Bounce Rate

The landing page is the first part of your website your visitor sees. Thus, it is very important that you have a high quality landing page. By high quality, we mean that your visitor doesn’t leave your site after viewing your landing page. Continue reading

15 Tips for Creating an Awesome Landing Page

Make Your Landing Page An Awesome Domain:

The success of e-marketing depends on the effectiveness of the home page. As a matter of fact, the Home page or any other page where the visitor first lands when he enters the web site is also called as the ‘landing page’. As an old adage says ‘first appearance is the best appearance’; so make the landing page most attractive so that the visitor gets the best impression of the business house in his very first visit to the website. Online marketing experts say that the landing page must be most attractive and user friendly or customize it suitably so that the visitor gets the best impression of the organization. Make the landing page the best start up page which would easily navigate the visitor to other relevant pages or even to back links. In order to make the landing page quite effective, some tips are provided here: Continue reading

Landing Page v1.1 Released

Our landing pages are now even better. Pretty cool.

Just wanted to check in to say that we’ve upgraded our landing pages to make them even faster! The code wasn’t altered too much, but we’ve reduced the number of plugins used to deliver the same functionality at even quicker speeds.

If you’re doing more than 5,000 impressions / month, you may want to consider a VPS.  I’m not sure if comprehensive split testing has been done to show the effect of speed on conversion rate, but how many times have you clicked that “X” in anger when a site is taking too long?  Plenty, I’m sure.

I recommend ServerComplete as their service is top notch.  They respond to tickets within SECONDS.  Seriously.  Not the cheapest option out there, but cutting web hosting costs to save $10 / month isn’t exactly a signal of quality if you’re a small business or affiliate marketer.

Oh, and back to the point.  Buy our landing pages if you want.  They’ve gotten better since our January launch.  That’s all.  Thanks!

Conditionally Change Content in Thesis

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Hello Landing Pagers,

Are you using the same landing page for multiple sources of traffic (search, paid, social, etc)?  If you are, you may be missing out on a simple tweak that can dramatically improve your conversions.

The Thesis Theme allows you to conditionally change content based on the referring traffic source!  Social media users may be in more of a discovery mode when browsing, so it makes sense that you display a simplified version of your landing page giving a high-level overview of your product or service.  Search and paid traffic is more focused, so you can hone in on the intent of the viewer based on the search query or ad that they clicked.

Michael Gray, who should be required reading for search marketers, provides an excellent tutorial on how to conditionally change content with Thesis.

His tutorial provides a simple, elegant solution to customize content based on the referring traffic source. Testing is key here to find out how users from each source actually behave, but another way to further target your pages could be the difference between profitability and futility. You’re leaving money on the table if you don’t at least try this out!

This tweak works great with our Thesis Landing Page.